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What People Are Saying About Esther Honey

“I volunteered during the summer of my first year into vet school. Being in Raro is probably what kept me in school! It was the first link in a chain that has ended up with me working at a vet clinic on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island.”

– JP, Veterinarian

“After working for almost four months at your clinic followed by some travelling, I am finally back home again. I am writing to you because I want to thank you for the great opportunity to work in your clinic. The clinic is doing a brilliant job.

The dog and cat population receives a big benefit from your spay/neutering and animal health care programs. It was very nice to work with Gregg. He is great in managing the clinic and helping the pet owners. I certainly plan to come back to the beautiful Cook Islands, hopefully next year.”

– Petra Mayr, Veterinarian

“We had such a wonderful 2 weeks at Esther Honey and were just starting to really find our feet when it was time to leave! We hope to make it back out again some time in the not too distant future though! Thanks again for having us!”

– Veterinarians Abbe Crawford & Jane Thompson

“Scheduling an externship at Esther Honey Foundation was one of the smartest moves in my veterinary career. Not only did I experience one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world during my stay, I had the pleasure of working with highly motivated veterinarians and vet nurses that loved to teach and share their life lessons with me and a community that greatly appreciated our work.”

– Phil Good, Vet Student

“It is one of the first times that we felt that we were not just ‘western volunteers coming from overseas’ doing the job the local government don’t want to face. It was working in paradise. Every day we switched between consults, surgeries, census and house visits. Any kind of animal passed in front of our eyes. I wrestled with a cow under the attentive eye of a Polynesian warrior …”

– Juliet, Veterinarian

“Want to say a big thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience life in the beautiful Cook Islands. I thoroughly enjoyed working for EHF and had an amazing two weeks. Gregg was lovely and made sure myself and the other girls settled in well.

The work EHF has done and continues to do in CI is fantastic and it was quite obvious how much the locals appreciated it. Thank you again for what I would like to think of as the highlight of my career so far. I have already recommended it to a lot of people and already am thinking of going back 🙂 “

– Dilhani, Veterinarian

“A few other volunteers and I went around the island handing out fliers that promote spay/neuter awareness at area churches. It was an amazing way to see the island, and truly, almost everyone knew of EHF and spoke of it so fondly. You should be incredibly proud of all you’ve done there. Truly one of the best weeks of my life. THANK YOU for giving me that opportunity!!”

– Tarah Campi, Journalist & Clinic Volunteer

“Once again, I had a great experience and leave feeling very good about the animal care we provided. Working at EHF is a genuinely unique experience. You are visiting and working in a truly beautiful and exotic location. More importantly, as you work at the clinic, you meet wonderful people and have the opportunity to appreciate the local environment. You’re not just a tourist!

“I whole-heartedly recommend EHF to anyone looking for a great way to use their veterinary skills and enjoy a wonderful travel experience.”

– Jay Kerr, DMV

“My trip to Rarotonga was the highlight of my year. Thank you for offering such a wonderful service to the animals!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

– Dr. Robert Leonpacher

“Life is great and missing Raro lots. I loved the work, the people I met and the diving made for one of the happiest times of my life!!! A lot of  people made me feel really needed and that I had made a big difference. I do hope to return & volunteer again.”

– Sal, Australian Veterinarian Volunteer

As I wrap up my last week at the Clinic, I feel compelled to write a final entry and share some reflections on my five months experience as an Esther Honey volunteer. I have gained much invaluable veterinary-related insight and knowledge from the volunteers and staff around me and have also developed a genuine respect for the hard work Esther Honey does every day in ensuring the health of the Rarotongan animal population …more>>

– Marg, Volunteer - http://www.estherhoney.org/resources/marg-fondfarewell.pdf

What a great place the EHF is. Having been volunteering here nearly 3 weeks, it has become clear just how important the clinic is to the animals, residents and tourists of the Cook Islands. When locals here find out I’m working at Esther Honey, a warm smile spreads across their faces, and I am made to feel like part of the Island family. The clinic is busy and providing excellent veterinary care in an challenging environment. And to continue, the donations and volunteers must keep coming!

– Elisabeth Richardson, Veterinarian

I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to volunteer at EHF. It was a great experience and I certainly learnt heaps. EHF does such great things for Rarotonga and it was wonderful to see how the clinic is enhancing the lives of the local animals and people.

– Tess Handcock, Vet Student

I was in Raro for the NZ school holidays in July and was so grateful that there was help at hand when an older dog got hit by a car in town (which didn’t stop). The owner of islandcarhire stopped to help despite a carload of frozen food, we loaded her into the back of the ute and brought her straight to you. Whatever her outcome we knew she would be treated with compassion.

Its a testimony to the gorgeous natures of these dogs that she let me pick her up and help with not a growl or snap that any other hurt animal might reasonably give. She just looked at me and trusted me.

Thank you for being there!

– Sarah King, visitor

I would recommend everyone to visit, donate, or volunteer with EHF. The good that EHF does goes well beyond the clinic doors. I was so impressed with how every person I spoke with had their personal story of appreciation for EHF. Whether EHF had helped their family pet in a time of need, or they got their new puppy at the clinic, they valued and loved having EHF as a member of their island family. EHF is a special organization that makes a difference each and every day for the animals and people of the Cook Islands.

– Shannon O'Neil - http://estherhoney.org/?p=1814

I have absolutely loved volunteering at the Esther Honey Foundation!  I plan on coming back to volunteer again in the future.
I think this Foundation is amazing!

– Darcy Flemming, DVM

Once again I’ve been very proud to work for the Esther Honey Foundation and I think that the charity continues to do excellent work on the island. I was very sad to leave Raro this time, the island really is paradise and it’s a privilege to be able to work there for EHF. I hope that I can return one day!!

– Rosemary Skinner BVSc MRCVS (Third volunteer tenure with Esther Honey)

I had a brilliant time. The work the clinic is doing is fantastic and vital, it was so touching to be able to help out and see how much the locals appreciated it. The Rarotongans are such beautiful people and when any locals found out I was working at Esther Honey they went out of their way to make me feel welcome. Working with the limited resources was challenging but taught me a lot about veterinary practice and also about myself, Rarotonga now holds a very special place in my heart with lots of wonderful memories. I’d love to revisit at some point to help out again.

– Lora Black, UK Registered Veterinary Nurse

I am in awe of the work being accomplished by the EHF and the wide-reaching implications of this work for both animals and people alike in the Cook Islands.  As a vet student, this experience provided me with the ultimate opportunity to cement much of the theory learnt in the lecture theatre by putting it into practice. From day one I was involved with consults for animals brought to the clinic by locals, care of in-patients and resident animals, performing routine desex surgeries and monitoring anaesthesia for more complex procedures.

– Callum Bennie, Vet Student

Loved every minute.  I hope to return soon, it’s always in the back of my mind for when I have spare time 🙂

– Jill Beasley, Veterinarian