2012 Statement of Services

In 2012, 80 International EHF volunteers, including 35 veterinarians, travelled to the Cook Islands to treat 3,112 animals, spay and neuter 600 cats and dogs, serve 14,953 meals to the animals in our care, rehome 244 homeless cats and dogs and conduct EHF VET TREK® free clinics to an outer island.

EHF’s humane education program reached 1016 students and teachers at all ten primary schools on Rarotonga and two schools during our EHF Vet Trek. The foundation’s community education programs included clinic tours, newspaper articles, television interviews and a mini-documentary addressing animal health and welfare issues.
We also trained students in animal care through a clinic internship and volunteer programs.

The combined value of the veterinary goods and services provided by the Esther Honey Foundation and our supporters in 2012 totaled $774,316.00 USD.

The Esther Honey Foundation has contributed 5.8 million USD in veterinary, education, shelter services and supplies to the Cook Islands since 1995 when the Esther Honey Foundation established the Cook Islands’ only veterinary clinic.

Since that time, more than 304 veterinarians, hundreds of veterinary professionals and animal advocates have travelled to the Cook Islands to treat 35,052 patients, sterilize more than 13,351 dogs and cats and provide veterinary, education and training services to outer islands during 110 EHF VET TREK® clinics. EHF’s scientifically-proven spay/neuter program reduced the dog population on Rarotonga from 6,000 to 1,666 with 71.19% of the remaining 1,666 dogs desexed.