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Veterinary Foundation Serves Animals in Tropics

Statesman Journal, September 2010

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Oregon Quarterly – Autumn 2010

“The Esther Honey Foundation, founded by president and CEO Cathy Sue Ragan-Anunsen, was honored for offering one of the world’s 100 best volunteer vacations to enrich your life in National Geographic’s 100 Best Vacations series in 2009. The foundation uses “volun-tourism” to humanely control animal populations and has provided veterinary and education services for South […]

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Telegraph Journal

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Canine Census on Island Dogs

Cook Islands News 20 May 2010 Canine census on island dogs Esther Honey Foundation (EHF) clinic director Gregg Young says volunteers are again out in the community conducting a census, counting the number of island dogs. EHF has de-sexed more than 5595 dogs since establishing the clinic in 1995 and the purpose of the census […]

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Letter to the Editor: Dogs bring joy

May 15, 2010 Cook Island News “I’m having a great holiday here in Rarotonga. A large part of my enjoyment has been the people I’ve met and watching, talking to and cuddling the friendly dogs on Muri Beach. I’ve observed many other tourists doing the same and see the dogs as a huge attraction as […]

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Slow Down for Dog’s Sake

  ~ Cook Island News, May 13, 2010 “The rate at which they are now coming in is astounding,” clinic director Gregg Young says on the number of dogs being run over and coming into the clinic. “We had to put two dogs down at the weekend that was hit at the same time by […]

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MANGAIA 2008 – Celebrating our 100th VET TREK®

Vets trekking for the 100th time Cook Islands News: August 25 2008 Mangaia Vet Trek® team 08 The Esther Honey Foundation will embark on its centenary EHF Vet Trek® this week. EHF clinic director Karen Galvan says this is after 14 years of voluntary work by the foundation, hundreds of EHF volunteers have passed through […]

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Animal Planet Visits EHF

The Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic volunteers recently spent an exciting week working with Canada’s Maystreet Production Company who flew to the Cook Islands to film the foundation’s Animal Clinic program and the Rarotonga dogs for an Animal Planet Canada documentary. Maystreet President, Hilary Pryor and Vice President, Erin Skillen contacted the Foundation earlier this […]

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Esther Honey takes care of cats on Aitutaki

Cook Islands News: May 28 2008   A total of 114 cats on the outer island of Aitutaki have been desexed, thanks to an EHF Vet Tre®.aitutaki team 08 The visits which were held last month also resulted in 125 cats being treated, making a considerable difference to the cat population. There are no dogs […]

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Cook Islands Herald 2004

In a 2004 interview  in The Cook Islands  Herald, Cook Islander  Tom Wichman discussed  the animal health  improvements that he  had witnessed since  Esther Honey arrived  in the Cook Islands  almost a decade earlier. Excerpts from that 2004 interview follow: Before EHF: Sick animals, no veterinary care, shootings and bad publicity  “Eleven years ago,” Tom said, “cats […]

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