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Australian Vets Help Out

The Esther Honey Foundation thanks Australian vets Cathy O’Neil and Tracey Kloos from Macquarie Road Vetz who not only volunteered their considerable skills at the Esther Honey Foundation Clinic but also solicited donations of more than $15,500 in veterinary supplies including contributions from Genvet and Saxon vet suppliers to bring with them! Tracey and Cathy […]

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Thank You Abaxis

Michelle Gray, BVSc Senior Vet, the Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic Rarotonga, Cook Islands Working as a vet in the middle of the Pacific Ocean presents some interesting challenges (as well as some amazing benefits). One of the obstacles we face at the Esther Honey Clinic is the lack of veterinary laboratory services – we […]

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Aussie vet back at Esther Honey

Cook Islands News  March  18,  2013 Australian veterinarian Michelle Gray is back on Rarotonga to help out at the Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic. Gray first worked on the island in 2010, and has been back and forth between Australia and the Cooks ever since. She arrived on Saturday and will be on Rarotonga for […]

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Helping Hand!

We were very fortunate this week to have Dr Craig Stewart from Australia come and help out EHF this Thursday!  It was great to have him fill in for the day and his experience was a huge boost to the clinic!   Dr Craig was here with his family holidaying in Rarotonga for a week and […]

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Christina’s Blog

Turtles Everywhere I’ve been warned many times here that swimming in the passage is one of the most dangerous things to do. Which makes sense, the horror stories of people being sucked out to sea would normally turn me off on the idea. But how could I pass up the opportunity when it’s right in […]

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Puppy Love (Amanda)

Today a new born puppy was found and brought into the clinic! She is the size of a potato, eyes closed.. brand new to the world! I instantly fell in love! I volunteered to feed this little nugget, not knowing how much work it would take. Feeding is required every three hours (all night and […]

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Unsung Hero

Every now and then at the Esther Honey Foundation we get juvenile birds brought into the clinic which have fallen out of their nests. With all the other animals at the clinic it can be quite a stressful environment for a baby bird, and it can be hard to find the food they need on […]

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Volunteer Blog: Amanda

First day at EHF, 7:55am- scrub tops on ready to go! We start off the day with clean and feed. All the staff at the clinic spend the majority of the morning cleaning, feeding and medicating all the animals. We start by emptying all the kennels, litter boxes and food bowls around the clinic. We […]

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The Australian paddling crew, Rogz for Dogz, were on site last week to make the generous donation to The Esther Honey Foundation in their fifth consecutive year of doing it.

Pet Clinic Receives Gifts Worth $22,000

Cook Islands News December 8, 2012 Esther Honey Foundation (EHF) director Gregg Young is hailing the recent food and equipment donation valued at over $22,000 made by Australian paddling crew Rogz for Dogz. The group donated a large stockpile of food, equipment and medical supplies worth nearly $22,713, not $7100 as reported in last Saturday’s […]

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Volunteer Veterinary Care for South Pacific Island Animals

The Esther Honey Foundation delivers a scientifically-proven, permanent and compassionate solution to the over-population of South Pacific Island dogs and cats by offering affordable, high-quality veterinary services with an emphasis on spay/neuter and humane education. The Esther Honey Foundation improves the health conditions and quality of life for these animals and their communities by developing […]

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