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Vet Student, Sheridan Manion

4th year vet student at James Cook University, Townsville Australia “I completed 3 weeks of work experience at the Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic over my summer holidays in between my 3rd and 4th year. I arrived in Raro at 2am on Saturday morning and started work that day, as the Clinic was understaffed with […]

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Veterinarian, Rosie Skinner

“…Emma and I had a wonderful time here in Raro and really felt that we managed to make a difference to the animals here, we had a lot of success with the fish poisoning cases with some pretty fast recoveries, even with the more severe cases and we’ve managed to rehome many cats. We hope […]

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Volunteer, Tarah Campi

“A few other volunteers and I went around the island handing out fliers that promote spay/neuter awareness at area churches. It was an amazing way to see the island, and truly, almost everyone knew of EHF and spoke of it so fondly. You should be incredibly proud of all you’ve done there. Truly one of […]

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Veterinarian, Sophie

Veterinarian Sophie writes: “Julien and I had an exhilarating time volunteering in the Cook Islands. We worked hard during the day providing routine  services and treating an amazing number of emergencies from fish poisonings to traffic accident victims and during the night, we bottle-fed newly abandoned puppies. We were extremely lucky to get to conduct […]

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Veterinarian, Juliet

“It is one of the first times that we felt that we were not just ‘western volunteers coming from overseas’ doing the job the local government don’t want to face. It was working in paradise. Every day we switched between consults, surgeries, census and house visits. Any kind of animal passed in front of our […]

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Veterinarian, Laura Musgrove

UK Vet and Nurse Pick Raro April 21, 2011, Cook Islands News English veterinarian university graduate Laura Musgrove, 23, had a slew of high-tech, big-budget European clinics on her doorstep from which to get her first work experience. Instead, she and a small band of vet-care specialists regularly answer the call of a tiny Pacific […]

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Letter from Jay Kerr, DVM

I have just concluded my second visit to the Esther Honey Foundation clinic in the Cook Islands. Once again, I had a great experience and leave feeling very good about the animal care we provided. Working at EHF is a genuinely unique experience. You are visiting and working in atruly beautiful and exotic location. More […]

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Letter from Dr. Linda Marston PhD

“My husband & I have just returned home to Australia from a holiday in the Cook Islands. I conduct research into the human-companion animal relationship and companion animal animal welfare. As part of this, I work closely with a number of animal shelters here. This means of course, I can never resist the opportunity to […]

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Humane Society International

“HSI (Humane Society International) has informally published the proceedings of the Island Nations Conference and in this document, four organizations report on successful programs. The one which will be of most interest to you is the first. Cathy Sue Ragan-Anunsen founded the Esther Honey Foundation in 1994 to provide veterinary care for the animals of […]

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Stumpy: The best dog in the world

Hi, September 11, 2009 Almost 9 years ago I saw an ad in a pet store in San Francisco. A couple had posted a sign with a picture of a dog that needed a home. I called the number and was told that this dog had already been promised to their vet but that another […]

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