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VET TREK® 2016

Aitutaki VET TREK clinic Mangaia VET TREK clinic

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VET TREK® 2015

Aitutaki x 3 VET TREK clinics.

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VET TREK® 2014

Aitutaki VET TREK

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VET TREK® 2013

Aitutaki x 2 VET TREKS clinics Atiu: 11th Atiu Trek Dec 11-Dec 14 2013 EHF Staff: 2 Senior Vets EHF Services: 8 animals desexed including 7 female dogs. All desexed animals were tattooed in their left ear. The injectable anaesthetic protocols worked well. A limited trapping program was reasonably successful. Recommend identifying feral cat colony […]

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VET TREK® 2012

Aitutaki: EHF VET TREK® #108

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VET TREK® 2011

Aitutaki: EHF VET TREK® #106 Feb 22- Feb 25 2011 EHF Staff: 2 veterinarians EHF Services: SPAY/ NEUTER 14 Sterilized  Cats (7M/7F) 14 TREATED (wormed and deflead as needed) Cats 39 Consults 5 Atiu: EHF VET TREK® #107 February 28 – March 5 EHF Staff: 1 veterinarians  1 veterinary nurse EHF Services: SPAY/ NEUTER 27 […]

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VET TREK® 2010

EHF’s 105th VET TREK® April 7- April 8 2010 Total number of animals treated during EHF VET TREKS: 3,468 Short notice VET TREK® request (due to Cyclone Pat) leaving little lead time for publicity but completed all treatment requests and consults that were organized prior to our team’s arrival by JoAnne Brittjin. VET TREK® BANNER […]

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VET TREK® 2009

TOTAL NUMBER of ANIMALS TREATED DURING FOUR 2009 VET TREKS: 309 Animals Treated including 290 Spayed/Neutered Adding to the total of 3,450 animals treated by the Esther Honey Foundation during EHF VET TREKS* ► EHF’s VET TREK® AITUTAKI 2009  June 16-19 09: RESULTS: Spayed/Neutered 84 cats + 2 cat consultations                                    TOTAL: 86 cats treated ► […]

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MANGAIA 2008 – Celebrating our 100th VET TREK®

Vets trekking for the 100th time Cook Islands News: August 25 2008 Mangaia Vet Trek® team 08 The Esther Honey Foundation will embark on its centenary EHF Vet Trek® this week. EHF clinic director Karen Galvan says this is after 14 years of voluntary work by the foundation, hundreds of EHF volunteers have passed through […]

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Esther Honey takes care of cats on Aitutaki

Cook Islands News: May 28 2008   A total of 114 cats on the outer island of Aitutaki have been desexed, thanks to an EHF Vet Tre®.aitutaki team 08 The visits which were held last month also resulted in 125 cats being treated, making a considerable difference to the cat population. There are no dogs […]

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