Cruelty case renews call for change

A dog taken to the Esther Honey Foundation (EHF) clinic with maggot-infested puncture wounds has reignited calls to reform animal welfare law to make penalties tougher for animal abuse and neglect in the Cook Islands.

The dog that had “too many puncture wounds to count”, was brought in March 10, Jo Taylor-Kupu, Esther Honey Clinic Manager, said the dog was “an absolute mess”. The puncture wounds looked to be over three weeks old and were infected so badly that nurses had to take turns treating the wound.

“The smell was so overpowering you couldn’t be in the room for extensive amounts of time,” Taylor-Kupu said.
The dog was said to have suffered the injury during a dog fight, but there are questions over how a dog fight could inflict such injuries, and how they in turn could be ignored for over three weeks, particularly when they made such a foul stench.

Taylor-Kopu posted a photo of the dog on Facebook in the hope the shocking case would shed more light on the shameful state of animal welfare on the island.
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