Dogs an “Incredible Bonus”

Dogs an ‘incredible bonus’Cook Islands News, July 21, 2014
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
We have just returned home to New Zealand after the most magical time in Rarotonga.

It was fabulous in so many ways, including the stunning beaches. But the one very amazing and unexpected attraction at Muri Beach was the dogs.
What an absolutely incredible bonus to find these friendly and loving dogs, providing us with company and entertainment. And we weren’t alone in appreciating them. They have the most beautiful natures and are a real credit to those who own and care for them.
Please keep caring for and including these dogs as a part of daily life on the beaches there.

It was great to see a society that values and cherishes its dogs. We made sure that we donated to Esther Honey before we left.
It was also wonderful to experience the beauty and hospitality of the Cook Islands. What a paradise. We will definitely be back.

Catherine Delore and Cheryl Hollinger
Wellington, New Zealand


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