EHF Animal Clinic Monthly Report

EHF Volunteers 2011

EHF Volunteers 2011

Sept/Oct 2011
Veterinary & Community Education  Services


  • Clinic drugs, supplies & equipment: The US team purchased, solicited and organized transport for clinic drugs supplies & equipment valued at: $8,516.26 USD
  • Volunteers: The US Home office recruited: veterinarians 15, vet nurses 1, vet students 7,  Assistants 3, Administrator 1: Total 26
  • Number of Animals Treated: 496 animals were treated  including 25 non-cat or dog: Goats, Horses and 1 Bird
  • Number of Animals Spayed/Neutered: dogs 22/ cats 14  Total: 41
  • Number of Animals Rehomed: new homes were found for 50 homeless  animals
  • Number of meals served to sick,injured and homeless animals in our care: 2,742


Saturday Market Tabling: 8 Saturdays
Vaitau Primary School presentation x 2 – 45 kids, 5-12 yrs old
Vaitau Primary School presentation x 3 – 45 kids, 5-12 yrs old
Araura Primary School presentation – 30 kids, 9-11 yrs old

(70 Children & 60 Adults attended)
The first official Esther Honey Fun Day was a huge success. Dubbed “The Esther Honey Party” by the local kids, they all informed us days in advance that they were coming, and were bringing all their friends! So Eilidh got practicing her face painting, some amazing gingerbread cats/dogs were baked, the clinic was scrubbed from head to toe and Gregg made some amazing kids games. In the end, the kids had a blast, the parents were really impressed with the clinic, and some very generous donations were made. Check out the photos on Facebook!   Can’t wait for the next one 🙂


Thank you Housie @ the Roadhouse  for donating $1000!
Thank you to our local volunteers: Antoine, Poe Tiare, Asstarill Astarlii Mark and Tom
Thank you too to all the local businesses who provide support for the clinic day in and day out and to the tourist volunteers who take time from their holiday to help the clinic team and spend time with the treasured animals in our care.