What We Have Accomplished for the Animals


Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic, Rarotonga, Cook Islands 1995-2018

EHF established the only veterinary clinic for the Cook Islands in 1995 to provide veterinary care for thousands of CI animals* and continued to support the clinic and provide care through January 2018. Since founding the EHF Animal Clinic the home office team recruited more than 500 volunteer veterinarians and thousands of additional extraordinary volunteers including veterinary technologists/nurses, vet students, interns and animal advocates to travel to the South Pacific to treat more than 45,000 animals including spaying and neutering more than 17,500 cats and dogs in return for donations only.

*EHF’s islands patients are primarily companion animals, but our veterinary teams also treat pigs, goats, horses, chickens, seabirds, fruit bats, one seal and a hawksbill turtle.

Wherever the foundation provides service, all animals, whether homeless or with guardians, receive comparable care and no healthy animals are euthanized.

The Esther Honey Foundation has contributed more than $9 million USD in goods and services to the Cook Islands benefiting the CI animals and the people who love them, the local economy, the tourism industry and the Cook Islands government.

SPAY & NEUTER: Unless the Cook Islands government officials end their inhumane and ineffective shooting program, the Rarotonga dog population will, as predicted, continue to increase.

In 2014, EHF urged officials to acknowledge that killing programs, as the World Health Organization determined years ago, do not work in the long term. “Catch and Kill” can also undermine CNR programs. We strongly and repeatedly encouraged those in power to return to the only program proven to control dog populations not only around the world but also on Rarotonga where EHF diminished the dog population from an estimated 6,000 to 2000 using CNR and education.

EHF Making History in the South Pacific: WSPA Newsletter: 70% of Rarotonga dogs sterilized

CNR Statement 2018 PDF

Animal Planet documentary featuring EHF

Please Note: EHF continues to provide its EHF VET TREK® SERVICES (118 VET TREKS and still counting!)

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