Esther Honey Foundation thanks Raro donors and supporters

Cook Islands News
Jan 5, 2013

Our hearts have been warmed as we have seen the Cook Islands community time and again support the work that the foundation is doing. Whether it’s been in monetary support, supplies, or even volunteering, this year has been astounding and it may not be possible to show how grateful we truly are. This support shows how much the community values the work that we do to raise the level of animal welfare here in the islands and provide veterinary care for animals in need.

The list of organizations/people that the Esther Honey Foundation would like to thank includes:

  • The Rarotonga Resort and Spa
  • Snowbird Laundry
  • Timberland
  • The Bond Store
  • The Barton Family
  • Raromart
  • CITC, Telecom
  • Muri Beach Club Hotel
  • Little and Matysik
  • The Roadhouse
  • Cook Islands News
  • Etu Moana Beach Villas (Aitutaki)
  • The Boat House (Aitutaki)
  • Air Rarotonga
  • Air New Zealand
  • Turama House
  • Avarua Bakery
  • Computer Man
  • John Koteka Electrical
  • Raro Plumbing
  • Solar Bob
  • Mary Smith
  • CITV
  • T&M Heather
  • Crown Beach Hotel
  • Turoa Bakery
  • and many more we may have missed.

It is also all the small donations that help us to move forward in our endeavours to benefit the Cook Islands animals which we hold very close to our hearts.

With that said we are pleased to share some of the highlights of our 2012 accomplishments. Your generous support has allowed us to:

  • Treat more than 3,000 owned and homeless animals at no cost to the community
  • Spay/Neuter more than 500 cats and dogs
  • Provide one-half million dollars (US) in veterinary services
  • Serve 14,000 meals and rehome 230 dogs and cats
  • Provide Animal Health and Humane Education Presentations for every Preschool and some secondary schools on Rarotonga. (1,966 seeds of kindness and compassion planted!)

Without the support of the community we simply wouldn’t be able to offer these services. So a big Meitaki Ma’ata goes out to all of you as we go into the new year where we hope to continue our work with your support. We wish all of you, animals as well, blessings for the new year.
Gregg Young, Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic Director
Cathy Sue Ragan-Anunsen, Esther Honey Foundation President and CEO