Free desexing (Spay/Neuter) for all dogs and cats

Spay / Neuter is the right thing to do

The right thing to do for your friend and for your island – Spay/Neuter


  • EHF Census Reports (2010 and 2011) confirm that, together, Esther Honey and the Rarotonga community have significantly and humanely decreased the number of dogs on the island from 6,000 to fewer than 2,000.
  • The only way to maintain these improvements and continue the decline is to desex as many untreated animals as possible.
  • Desexing has many health, social, and community benefits. Questions about desexing or other animal health concerns? Telephone EHF on 22336 to schedule a surgery or talk with an EHF experienced veterinarian.

The Esther Honey Foundation has desexed more than 13,800 Cook Islands’ animals at no charge since 1995.

 2013 EHF Dog Census: Door to Door, Island-Wide: 19 Aug -30 Nov

Meet Esther Honey’s new Practice Manager and teams of EHF volunteers. Remember: We don’t want to take your dogs; we only want to count them.

The Esther Honey Foundation is the Cook Islands’ Only Veterinary Clinic

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