Haiku love

A collection of haikus, written by Esther Honey volunteers in honor of some of our favorite Clinic animals!

Francis – By Marcus
Black, white, shaggy dog
So wobbly shaky and stiff
Causing so much strife!

Mama Dog – By Tim
Big Mama Doggie
House guard distracted by food
She’s large and in charge

Pal – By Marg
Brave lil’ orphaned girl
Up she snuggles on shoulders
Purrs like a machine

Hovis – By Nick
Lazy loving lump
Deaf dog roaming the clinic
Don’t sneak or will snap

Millie – By Marcus
So cute and playful
Re-home her, she’ll come right back
Saves me from drowning

Orlando – By Marg
Big sleepy ginger
Missing teeth don’t hold him back
Watch out, he’ll attack!