Helping Hand!

We were very fortunate this week to have Dr Craig Stewart from Australia come and help out EHF this Thursday!  It was great to have him fill in for the day and his experience was a huge boost to the clinic!   Dr Craig was here with his family holidaying in Rarotonga for a week and visited our stall at the markets on Saturday!  He was so impressed with what he saw that he offered to come in for a day to help and we were very happy to have him on board for the day! 

  Dr Stewart has been a vet since 1993 and was able to offer our volunteer vet and vet students some very useful advice regarding several of our current cases!   Dr Craig performed a lengthy leg amputation on a dog who had been hit by a car and whose fractures were too serious to be pinned.  He also performed a leg amputation on a cat who had a pin placed in surgery three weeks ago.  Unfortunately the leg had developed an infection and the leg needed to be removed to save the lovely young cats life.

Among other tasks Dr Stewart also placed drains and stitched up a dog who had been attacked by another dog and castrated another dog for the clinic!  He worked from 9 – 5 with only a very short break!  To say we appreciated his help would be an understatement!  He did a marvellous job and we are so very thankful for his generous donation of his time on while on holiday! 

Dr Stewart has his own practice in Warner, a northern suburb of Brisbane, Australia.  We’d love to have him back anytime and look forward to hopefully seeing him again one day!