Junior volunteer vets share the love for animals

Junior volunteer vets share the love for animals

Junior volunteer vets Avana Hagai and Te-Atua-Nui George have given up their school holiday time to help Amy Compton and their furry friends at the Nikao animal clinic.

Wednesday October 15, 2014
Cook Islands News

It’s not typical to see two young girls sacrificing school holiday fun for animals but that’s exactly what two St Joseph School students are up these school holidays.

Te-Atua-Nui (Tea) George and Avana Hagai have been putting in loads of time at the local animal clinic in Nikao helping out volunteers and animals from 8am to 4pm every day.

The aspiring veterinarians and best friends couldn’t think of a better way to spend their holidays than caring for dogs, cuddling kittens and helping volunteers at the Esther Honey Clinic in Nikao.

Daily, the girls feed all the animals, clean out their dishes and kennels, do laundry as well as clear and replace bed covers for the dogs.

One of the highlights for the girls has been to see the vets perform surgical operations on some of the animals.

This valuable voluntary experience has been enjoyable for the best friends who are more inspired and educated in animal care than most little girls their age.

This experience will help Tea, who volunteered at the clinic during the holidays last year, and Avana be confident in educating their friends about Esther Honey Foundation and safe animal care.
Tea says her favourite thing about helping at the animal clinic is playing with all the animals with her best mate Avana.
“I like it. I feed the animals and play with them,” says Tea.

One task that most little girls will run a mile from is cleaning up the animal poo.While Tea says it’s not her favourite job – it isn’t something that bothers the mature youngster.

Clinic manager Amy Compton says the girls are such a great help and she would love to see more community involvement including people to take the dogs for afternoon walks along as the dogs are tied up and often get bored slouching around all day.
Esther Honey relies heavily on donations and needs bleach, washing powder, dishwashing soap and even old newspapers to help with the clinic’s daily operations.

Compton appreciates the canned dog food which is excellent for concealing dog pills, but would like to see more dog biscuits donated to the clinic. – Aleyna Taripo


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