Just to let you know, the house where I and the other volunteers live is on the same site as the clinic and is shared by all the animals that we care for. It is quite basic and can accommodate up to eight people. There are three bedrooms that provide dorm-style sleeping; one large with four beds and two smaller rooms with two beds each. The bathroom includes a toilet separated from the shower/sink area. The shower starts off cold but if you stick with it, it gets hot after about a minute.

The bedrooms are just off the main living area that has one small TV which can pick up one channel every now and then. This is a good place to sit down and read in the evening. We have lots of books.

The kitchen too is pretty basic. We have a gas stove and range, a sink and lots of cupboards. The foundation is buying a new microwave soon. We have two refrigerators (luxury) which we need when we have lots of people with their own food. Everyone buys their own food either at the market on Saturdays and Thursdays or down at the local super market. It’s much cheaper to buy at the market.

We do have our own washing machine, two in fact. One for the animals and one for the household. We do all the drying on the line however. So plan ahead. If you’re a light sleeper make sure you bring some ear plugs, a sound machine or something else that will help you sleep until you get use to the noises. Not only do we have dogs, but there are chickens everywhere. You cannot escape them anywhere on the island. And sometimes they like to pick on people and crow right outside your window at 6 am.

In addition, we are only a few hundred meters from the end of the runway. It’s pretty cool to see but the sounds of departures and arrivals can be pretty intense at night. Despite all this, after a few days, volunteers become quite accustomed to the noises and sleep perfectly well. I know I slept well last night.

The beach is not more than a twenty second walk from the clinic, literally over the road. I’d have a really nice office view if the clinic was moved 20 or so meters down the road. Oh well. Other than that, we have plenty of animals to play with and lots of places to explore when we get a break. I hope you come as it is just beautiful here and the locals are wonderful.

The pictures here include the clinic (where we live to the left and in the back ground you can see some of the cages to the right). The next two are from inside the clinic showing the kitchen and the living space. Pretty comfy eh?