New X-ray Unit for Pets

xray donation

Photo: Cook Islands News

Diagnosing problems with local pets has become a whole lot easier at the island’s only animal clinic thanks to the generous donation of an x-ray machine.

The Esther Honey Foundation animal clinic in Nikao received an x-ray machine last week sponsored by the Barton family and The Bond Store.

And in its short time on the island the machine has already made mending broken pets a smoother process.

Esther Honey volunteer vet Michelle Gray says an x-ray helps vets more accurately diagnose what injury or illness a pet has which then leads to the animal receiving the best treatment.

Gray says the new equipment not only x-rays broken bones but also the abdomen and chest of an animal patient.
“It helps us diagnose all sorts of conditions so we can better treat the animals,” says Gray.

EHF vets and volunteers are very grateful to the Barton family and The Bond store who put up over $13,000 to obtain the machine and ship it to Rarotonga.
The non-profit organisation welcomes donations from the public including animal food (non-fish products) and towels to help the clinic help island animals. ..

– Matariki Wilson
Cook Islands News, June 15, 2012

Michelle Gray, Esther Honey Foundation veterinarian, commented on this critical and welcomed donation,

“Within two weeks of its arrival the unit has been used to image six dogs and one cat with broken legs, a cat with liver cancer, and another cat with a punctured lung. It has allowed us to attempt orthopedic surgery to fix the legs of two dogs that would have otherwise required amputation. It is helping to take the guess work out of our diagnoses, and enabling us to monitor patients’ progress and recovery. It is saving animals from pain, owners from worry, and vets from stress. It’s making a huge difference.

So it is with profound gratitude that we thank the Barton Family and the Bond Store for their generous donation.”

Cathy Sue Anunsen, Esther Honey Foundation President and CEO, added:
The foundation also extends a sincere Meitaki ma’ata to all of our additional supporters who donated earlier toward this goal including Loretta & Chris Brown and Just Smile Dentistry for their significant contributions toward purchasing a new x-ray machine. Moneys raised prior to the Barton Family donation will now be used to purchase orthopedic and related equipment that will help Esther Honey save animals lives (and legs!).”