Rotoract Spring Ball

The Esther Honey Foundation was recently invited by Rotoract to attend the club’s annual Spring Ball for Rarotonga kids ages 5-10. All proceeds of the dance were designated to support the Esther Honey Foundation’s work in the Cook Islands. The event was kicked off with a float parade from the school to the Ball site and the sponsors asked us to give a brief talk to attendees about the veterinary and education  services the funds would support. We were more than happy to oblige.

The theme of the Ball was “Rio”, from the movie about the adventures of a male blue macaw and we were asked wear pink and yellow costumes to match the organizers. Now one thing you should know about Cook Islanders: they like any excuse to dress up; Rugby 7’s, Halloween, Balls, Parties, etc. So, although we donned the colours of pink and yellow, we were sadly outmatched by many who attended (except maybe the parents). When we got to the Ngatangiia Club House we found that the hall was decked out with balloons and prizes and filled with kids from all over the island dressed to the nines in anything but Rio costumes. It wasn’t until later that some kids arrived dressed like the birds, and their costumes were amazing. After most of the kids had arrived the organizers let the games begin. I joined  in the last round of musical chairs, and accidentally squashed a little boy’s hand who didn’t move along fast enough. 😛

After the children settled down and the introductions were made, we addressed the attendees thanking the club  members for their support and for giving us a chance to let the kids know that they too share in the responsibility to look after the island’s animals. They were already helping  just by coming to the dance. The funds raised  would go a long way in providing services for all Cook Islands animals.

Next it was dance time! Well, if you have ever volunteered at the Esther Honey Foundation you know that we can’t resist a good dance so we definitely showed our stuff to this younger generation. We had a lot of fun and hope everyone else enjoyed some of our questionable dance moves. All in all it was an excellent night and we felt that  everyone there appreciates the work that we do. Many of the kids and parents were not strangers.

A big thank you goes out to the Rotoract volunteers and their wonderful support and recognition of the Esther Honey Foundation. We love being a part of this loving community. Thanks also to all the parents and the children who helped support the clinic. We are truly grateful.