Sounds like it was an interesting week while I have been away; animals near death making miraculous recoveries, haunted abandoned hotel visits, big birthday parties (see photo – amazing!), and more!
The weather has been somewhat difficult to work with; a near miss with a cyclone (so I’m told, I’m not sure I believe them it was more than a storm) and I have come back to rain rain and more rain.
Luckily, the clinic has been quiet (touch wood).Our three Massey boys who have entertained us for a month leave next week, and we will find ourselves with fewer volunteers. If anyone would like to come by to help with animal care we can always use an additional set of caring hands!
In other news, we have a little over two weeks left of raffle ticket sales, and are keen to sell as many as we can before March 1st. Make sure you check out the awesome prizes and get yourselves some tickets before time runs out on our website!
More news soon.