Sponsor sought to help fight fatal disease

Esther Honey is seeking a generous sponsor to help them conduct blood tests on dogs.

The animal welfare foundation has been overwhelmed with people wanting their dogs checked for heartworm.

The CI News reported on Tuesday that as many as half the dogs on Rarotonga could be affected with the disease.

Heartworm is fatal if left untreated and seems to affect short-coated dogs more than longer-haired ones.

This is because the disease is passed on through mosquito-bites.

Esther Honey’s Jo Taylor-Kupu says the clinic has been overwhelmed by the demand for blood tests to see if dogs have heartworm.

Taylor-Kupu says the clinic is really happy to do the tests for people as “it’s a nasty death for any animal and one we don’t want to see”.

The fastest way to find out if a dog has the disease is known as a Snap test, but they are expensive to buy in.
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