Stumpy: The best dog in the world

Hi, September 11, 2009


Stumpy - "The best dog in the world"

Almost 9 years ago I saw an ad in a pet store in San Francisco. A couple had posted a sign with a picture of a dog that needed a home. I called the number and was told that this dog
had already been promised to their vet but that another dog was also available. They asked if we could wait since the dog was coming from the Cook Islands. They proceeded to tell us a story about their vacation on the Cook Islands and the predicament of dogs of Rarotonga. Our interest was piqued. They sent us a picture of “Stumpy” and we immediately fell in love with his beautiful face and were excited to be getting such a special dog. And we were right, he is an incredible dog. He did have some “bad” habits to break. Whenever we went out for walks, he always made sure to find every garbage can he could find. He doesn’t do that quite so often any more but he does love hunting for gophers. The funny thing is he hates water. If we go the beach or if there is a puddle on the ground, he avoids it as much as possible.
He was immediately house broken and we have never had any accidents with him. He loves his 2 cats. His personality is so wonderful. All of our friends and family love to have him visit. We get asked all the time what kind of dog he is. Our response: A Cook Islands special, since we really have no idea what kind of dog he is but it is quite a conversation starter.
I was surfing the web one day and came upon the Discovery Magazine article about the dogs of Rarotonga and couldn’t believe my eyes. The dog on the cover of the article looked like it
could be Stumpy’s brother. I found the papers that came with Stumpy when we got him and realized that your foundation was the organization that took care of our dog. I wanted to give
back something to the organization that made it possible for us to have Stumpy in our lives. I don’t know what his name was back then but I thought you may remember him since he
is the best dog in the whole world and wanted to let you know what happened to him and what a special dog he is.
I have included a few pictures of our best friend. I hope one day, I will be able to visit the island and see paradise for myself. Thanks for all the help you are providing the animals.
~ Vivian Fried-Allen and family