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Shelley, Lydia and Bec

Senior Veterinarian, Shelley Wiltshire BVSc (Hons)

My Esther Honey Experience I spent two weeks at the Esther Honey Foundation, alongside two close friends, Lydia and Bec. From the moment we arrived at Rarotonga airport, we knew we would be in for something different. The laid-back and friendly nature of the people was evident from the moment we landed, and as soon […]

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Vet nurse Lydia Champ, pictured with dog Candy, is one of four new volunteers at the Esther Honey Clinic.

New volunteers at Esther Honey

Cook Islands News Sept 9 2013   Four Australian volunteers have arrived on Rarotonga to help out at the Esther Honey Foundation (EHF). The new members of the Esther Honey team – vets Shelley Wiltshire and Adrian Anderson, vet nurse Lydia Champ and volunteer Bec Rosel – arrived last Saturday. Wiltshire, Champ and Rosel will […]

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Rain dancing

So it turns out that the Cook Islands has run out of water…!With only a couple of percent in the tanks before a national state or emergency is called, most of the volunteers are mainly upset about the lack of a shower. Thank God we live across the road from the beach!It does, however, make […]

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