Thank You Abaxis

Michelle Gray, BVSc
Senior Vet, the Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic
Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Senior Vet, the Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic

Michelle Gray, Senior Vet, the Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic

Working as a vet in the middle of the Pacific Ocean presents some interesting challenges (as well as some amazing benefits). One of the obstacles we face at the Esther Honey Clinic is the lack of veterinary laboratory services – we have no access to most of the diagnostic tests that are used daily in a normal veterinary practice. We are often forced to rely on our physical examinations and our brains to figure out what is going on with a particular patient. Sometimes however, this just isn’t enough … and that is where our little VetScan machine becomes our savior.

Provided we have the required rotors (which must be shipped from overseas and stored in the fridge), it allows us to run blood biochemistry tests. It provides information on our patient’s liver and kidney function, protein levels, electrolytes and blood glucose. Critical information to help us diagnose and treat our patients. Animals like little Nala – a 6wk old puppy who wasn’t eating and we couldn’t figure out why. Her results showed very low protein levels and very high (unreadable) kidney markers. Knowing this enabled us to tailor our treatment to give Nala the best chance of survival.

Normally shipping in the VetScan rotors is an expensive exercise, and logistically challenging as they must be kept cold at all times. In the past this expense has sometimes prohibited us from running the tests. Nala was the first of our patients to benefit from a recent donation of rotors by Abaxis, and our thanks goes out to this company for their wonderful generosity, and their contribution to the health of the Cook Island animals.