Thank You Butler Schein Animal Health

Thank you Butler Schein Animal HealthWorking as a vet at the Esther Honey Vet Clinic on Rarotonga, there are certain common problems that we deal with day in and day out. One of the biggest problems is fleas. Following closely behind is intestinal worms. While it’s the more dramatic cases that tend to catch people’s attention (dogs hit by cars, cats paralysed with fish poisoning); it’s these basic problems that can really impact on animal welfare at a whole population level.

Providing basic preventative medicines like flea treatments and de-wormers is one of the most important aspects of our work at the Esther Honey clinic. So much so that we will often buy in treatments in order to have sufficient supplies. Being totally dependent on donations for funding, this is a significant expense … although very necessary. In my time on the island I’ve seen countless dogs suffering with terrible flea allergies. Worse yet, I’ve seen puppies die from heavy worm burdens that owners didn’t recognize.

With this in mind we are incredibly grateful to Will Graham at Butler-Schein for a recent donation of Iverheart product (a heartworm/ intestinal worm treatment). The generous donation of chewable tablets, which can be used to treat dogs of all shapes and sizes, is worth around $4000. This is an amazing gift to the clinic, and to the animals of the Cook Islands. Our thanks goes out to the company, to Will, and also to Dr Barry Nichols for helping organise the donation. Meitaki Maata!!