Thank you to our international supporters

A few of EHF’s 2011 International Contributors


Tyndall-O’Hearn family: A suitcase, described by the donor as “having seen better days”, was recently hand-delivered to the Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic in Rarotonga.  Despite a bit of wear, the case looked spectacular to clinic volunteers: a cornucopia overflowing with dog collars, leashes, toys and flea treatment gathered over the past several months by the  Tyndall O’Hearn family and their kind, like-minded San Diago California friends.

Broadway Veterinary Clinic: So many animals will receive relief from their suffering because of your contribution!

Webster Veterinary Supply, Inc.: EHF surgery patients are safer and our volunteer veterinarians breathe easier, thanks to Alabama’s Roger Stewart, (Webster Veterinary Supply) and Dr. Barry Nicholl’s, (Animal Medical Center) donation of a new SurgiVet Tabletop Pulse Oximeter, valued at $1,200.00 (USD) to the Esther Honey Foundation.

Elma Pet Clinic: Thank you for sharing the patent pending, state of the art, retractors, with Esther Honey.

Dr. Anna Woolley & Redwood Animal Hospital: Thank you Anna Woolley DVM & Redwood Animal Hospital for your donation of a Vetscan (valued at $4,000 USD) to the Esther Honey Foundation. Your contribution helped save Scooby’s life. We are confident that he is but one of many animals and volunteers who will benefit from your generosity.


Bath Veterinary Group: Thank you for your generous donation sent with Dr. Emma Wells.

Worldwide Veterinary Service: Thank You WVS for Your Support and for the supplies sent with Dr. Rosie Skinner.