Vet Student, Gabe Young

Read Vet Student Gabe Young’s note following about his EHF externship experience:

“Volunteering at the Esther Honey clinic was a fantastic experience, and definitely the highlight of my journey through vet school. I loved everything about Rarotonga – the people, the animals, and the lifestyle, and it was great to have a chance to help out somewhere where the work is really needed and truly appreciated by the locals. I highly recommend volunteering at the clinic to everyone, but especially to final year vet students or recent grads. The veterinarians who supervised me allowed me to get very involved in the management of cases, and they were always eager to enhance my learning experience in every way.

As a young and budding vet, the time I spent there was extremely valuable. I am very grateful to Cathy Sue for having me there – she has developed a wonderful organization which has done great things for the people and animals of Rarotonga, and it was a privilege to spend some time there. I can’t wait to go back!!!”