Vet Student, Phil Good

“Scheduling an externship at Esther Honey Foundation was one of the smartest moves in my veterinary career. Not only did I experience one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world during my stay, I had the pleasure of working with highly motivated veterinarians and vet nurses that loved to teach and share their life lessons with me and a community that greatly appreciated our work.

Although there’s a bounty of fun activities to do on my days off, I really enjoyed the work itself, and the impact that Esther Honey has had since its inception was readily apparent to me. Nearly most of the dogs on the island are now owned due to a strong spay/neuter program, and the animals that would previously succumb to trauma and fish poisoning now survive. Even something as simple as flea prevention had a profound impact on these animal’s lives. All in all, the experience was amazing, and I would love to volunteer for the Esther Honey Foundation again.”