VET TREK® 2010

EHF’s 105th VET TREK®
April 7- April 8 2010
Total number of animals treated during EHF VET TREKS: 3,468

Short notice VET TREK® request (due to Cyclone Pat) leaving little lead time for publicity but completed all treatment requests and consults that were organized prior to our team’s arrival by JoAnne Brittjin.

VET TREK® BANNER Aitutaki 10
EHF Staff:  2 veterinarians
EHF Services:
18 cats treated (All wormed)
14 cats sterilized (12M/2F)
4 consults

Partner Contributions
– Airfare kindly donated by Air Rarotonga
– Accommodations donated by Etu Moana
– Lunch donated by Paradise Resort
– Balcony donated by Jenny for surgery theatre

As always, EHF owes a special debt of gratitude to JoAnne and Jim Brittjin for making these TREKS to Aitutaki possible.