Veterinary Nurse, Lora Black

“I volunteered at the Esther Honey Foundation over October and November and wanted to thank you for having me. I had a brilliant time.

The work the clinic is doing is fantastic and vital, it was so touching to be able to help out and see how much the locals appreciated it. The Rarotongans are such beautiful people and when any locals found out I was working at Esther Honey they went out of their way to make me feel welcome. Even though many locals couldn’t afford to pay for treatment they’d give what they could and neutering a pet in exchange for a tray of eggs was certainly a different experience!

Working with the limited resources was challenging but taught me a lot in terms of veterinary practice and also about myself, it’s amazing how resourceful you can be when required.

Greg is a real asset to your organisation and really helped us feel welcome and integrate by taking us to island dancing lessons and fab little local restaurants, so rather than just feeling like a holiday maker I felt like a local and got to see so much more of the island. He also does a fantastic job keeping the place running and is very passionate about his job especially the education side of the organisation.

Rarotonga now holds a very special place in my heart with lots of wonderful memories to look back on and I’d love to revisit at some point and come back to the practice to help out again if you’d have me. Keep up the good work!”

~Lora Black   UK Registered Veterinary Nurse