MANGAIA 2008 – Celebrating our 100th VET TREK®

Read Brooke Nicholls Mack’s article about her return to the Cook Islands to volunteer at the clinic & to participate in the foundation’s 100th VET TREK®. Read More
Vets trekking for the 100th time

Cook Islands News: August 25 2008

Mangaia Vet Trek® team 08
The Esther Honey Foundation will embark on its centenary EHF Vet Trek® this week. EHF clinic director Karen Galvan says this is after 14 years of voluntary work by the foundation, hundreds of EHF volunteers have passed through the clinic’s doors to run the (hospital) and spay/neuter programme.

“It is so exciting for us all at EHF to have reached this remarkable milestone when we visit Mangaia on Wednesday for a five-day Vet Trek®.

EHF is taking a specialist team of five to Mangaia. Galvan says two qualified vets will do the veterinary work, two researchers will conduct a census of the island’s canine population and she will be doing animal welfare education for the 204 school children on Mangaia. EHF does not charge for this service and has sourced the necessary drugs, medicines, census model and educational supplies required to perform this outreach programme through its worldwide support network. mangaiavettrekteam08
Included in this centenary Vet Trek® group is researcher Brooke Nicholls-Mack, who came to the Cook Islands as a child with her father Dr Barry Nicholls, who has a long association with the foundation as veterinarian liaison, board member and donor Brooke says, “It’s is an incredible honour to be involved in this centenary Vet Trek® and to return to the Cook Islands. My family has a long association with the Cooks through EHF, and this year I have brought my husband with me so we can both do something positive for the animals of the Cooks, but also so I can share my own childhood memories with him.”

Galvan confirms that the EHF team members are paying for their own travel and living costs to Mangaia but would like to thank Air Rarotonga for providing discounted airfares and Mr Nga Tuara for assisting with accommodation and logistics on Mangaia.