Who We Are

The EHF was founded in 1994 by Cathy Sue Ragan-Anunsen after a Rarotonga holiday and an inspirational meeting with an island dog called Honey.

The Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic was established in 1995, named in honour of Ragan-Anunsen’s grandmother Esther, and the golden dog Honey. Working in concert with local officials, businesses and community members during the past 22 years, EHF has treated 2,000 – 3,000 patients annually.

Board Members:

  • CEO and Board President: Cathy Sue Ragan-Anunsen
  • Barry Nicholls DVM
  • Byron Maas DVM
  • Kim Erbes DVM
  • Susan Ponder CPA
Barry Nicholls in surgery

Barry Nicholls DVM in surgery

Our Achievements

The Esther Honey Foundation has

  • Established and operated the Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic, the only veterinary clinic for the entire Cook Islands, for more than 22 years.
  • Treated more than 45,000 animals including dogs, cats, chickens, goats, pigs, horses and wildlife.
  • Spayed/neutered over 17,500 animals: achieving our target of sterilizing more than 70% of the Rarotongan and Mangaia dog population in 2010.
  • Significantly decreased the number of dogs on Rarotonga from 6,000 to 2,000-2,434 using Capture Neuter Release (CNR) and education. Unfortunately, in 2014, Rarotonga authorities decided to reintroduce a dog shooting program which, predictably, undermined EHF’s effective, and humane CNR program.
  • Conducted 117 EHF VET TREKS® to remote outer islands to treat more than 4,160 animals who would not have received veterinary care without the Esther Honey Foundation.
  • Recruited over 500 volunteer veterinarians and hundreds of veterinary professionals from around the globe: including the Americas, Australasia, Europe and Africa.
  • Contributed more than $9 million USD in veterinary, education, shelter services, drugs, equipment and supplies to the Cook Islands since 1995 when the Esther Honey Foundation established the Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic.

Our Funding

All of our veterinary services have been provided in exchange for donations only and at no cost for the homeless. The EHF relies upon donations for funding – from client contributions, the business community and animal lovers world-wide.

The difference that the Esther Honey Foundation makes for animals and their communities can be permanent. Our mission is to deliver a scientifically-proven, permanent and compassionate solution to the over-population of South Pacific Island dogs and cats by offering affordable, high-quality veterinary services with an emphasis on spay/neuter and humane education.

The Esther Honey Foundation improves the health conditions and quality of life for these animals and their communities by developing the programs, raising the funds, providing the drugs, supplies, equipment and recruiting the volunteers necessary to fulfill the foundation’s mission.

Wherever EHF provides service, all animals, whether homeless or with guardians, receive comparable care and no healthy animal is euthanized.